1. Foam

      Foam is one of the most versatile and most widely used material for products that need special handling and protection in order to arrive at its destination intact. There are a wide variety of foams, mainly recyclable and reusable, but with different thicknesses and different densities for yo…Read More

  2. Why Choose Wood Crates?

    The debate between crating and cardboard boxes is largely solved based on what is going in the package, how long the package will be in transit, the elements it may face on the way, and the durability required.  Wood crates eliminate challenges like wet transit situations, heavy product concerns, a…Read More

  3. How Efficient Packaging Helps Your Bottom Line

    As any business owner or manager knows, the bottom line is always your top priority. And when it comes to your packaging, how you choose to package your product can affect your bottom line.  You want to make sure you’re packaging your product in a way that it stays safe and protected throughout i…Read More

  4. About SmartShield Packaging

    Welcome back to SmartShield Packaging! We strive to be a useful resource for businesses as they work towards effective and conscientious shipping and packaging. We also work to supply common stock supplies for companies, like office and janitorial products. From posts about the best packaging materi…Read More