1. Foam

      Foam is one of the most versatile and most widely used material for products that need special handling and protection in order to arrive at its destination intact. There are a wide variety of foams, mainly recyclable and reusable, but with different thicknesses and different densities for yo…Read More

  2. Why Choose Wood Crates?

    The debate between crating and cardboard boxes is largely solved based on what is going in the package, how long the package will be in transit, the elements it may face on the way, and the durability required.  Wood crates eliminate challenges like wet transit situations, heavy product concerns, a…Read More

  3. Packaging Equipment: Impulse Heat Sealers

    The packaging equipment you have can significantly improve your efficiency. Heat Sealers are a great investment for anyone closing Poly Bags by hand. Bubble bags, foam bags and other material will also work with these sealers. Your product is more secure in a bag that has been heat sealed. Tampered …Read More

  4. Automatic Strapping Tools & Equipment

    Strapping equipment is a part of everyday life in many factories and yards, but the important thing is to get the correct tool or machine for the job. Friction Weld Strapping Tools Friction weld strapping tools are used instead of the conventional Tensioner and Sealer tool where the volume is high a…Read More

  5. How To Ship Large, Heavy Items Safely

    Shipping unique products and machinery comes with unique challenges — especially if it is a heavy item that requires a pallet to ship. The damage caused by shipping on pallets that are not purpose-built for the product has been observed by SmartShield’s custom packaging experts many times. Heavy…Read More

  6. Make Your Name Stick With Printed Tape

    Printed tape is an investment that everyone using packing tape needs to consider. Not only does it reinforce your brand image everywhere your product goes, it increases the safety of your package and guarantees the respect of the recipient. It is a fact that professional-looking product packaging au…Read More

  7. How Custom Product Packaging Can Help You Make A First Impression

    “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. First impressions count. How does your product look when it gets to your customer? Think about the impressions you receive of a company whose products arrive in a carton completely intact and unharmed with the supplier logo on it. You o…Read More