Success Story for Aerospace Industry

SmartShield was presented with the challenge of designing and supplying the perfect aerospace packaging for Aircraft Landing Gear. This large Aerospace client was previously packing this landing gear in expanding foam within the box. This was extremely time consuming and also presented the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals. This specific piece of landing gear is a high-value piece of craftsmanship in which the safe arrival of it at the customer location cannot be left to chance. SmartShield came up with an innovative custom product packaging design that saved the client both time and money. We designed interlocking foam cradles which held this landing gear tightly, providing a high level of padding and surface protection. It doesn’t stop there; SmartShield goes as far as shipping the package assembled to the client enabling them to simply remove the lid and place the cylinders inside. Now it is ready to ship! Obviously, this saves vast amounts of time in their packaging process resulting in cost savings for our valued client.

Success Story for Manufacturing Industry

A SmartShield rep was meeting with a manufacturing client to review how they packaged their large 4 x 8’ sheets of expanded metal. It was noted that it took two people on the job and they were wrapping the metal sheets with cardboard wraps and taping all over the seams – this is when SmartShield set to work on designing an efficient and effective solution for shipping large items that require extra attention. SmartShield came up with the perfect solution: an innovative design which eliminated the second person needed for the job and reduced the number of seams to seal which reduced the amount of tape needed. This product is now stocked at a SmartShield warehouse for the client enabling us to deliver next day in comparison to the average one week lead time of many box manufacturers and other packaging suppliers. The SmartShield design for this client drastically reduced packaging costs due to a more efficient use of material, as well as reducing labour costs. It also eliminated lead times for the client and offering them peace of mind knowing that they wouldn’t run out of packaging.

Success Story for Electronics Industry

SmartShield have supplied us with our packaging solutions for many years and have been successful in saving us money and time as well as providing us with innovative ideas to protect our products better. When you are dealing with electronics you have to get the packaging right, especially when they are being shipped around the world from our facility in Oakville. SmartShield have given us the confidence that we know they will supply as and when we need product, be it custom or general stock material. I would recommend them to any serious packaging user if they want a great experience.Barb – Oakville

Success Story for Automotive Industry

Everybody has a moment in their lives where they have to have something now or earlier. This is the situation that a large automotive parts manufacturer in Brampton was in when they called SmartShield. They were in desperate need of some automotive packaging to complete a shipment. Their assembly line had come to a halt and they realized that SmartShield could jump to the occasion and find a solution immediately. After a brief phone conversation, their order was processed, picked and placed on a waiting truck within a matter of a few minutes. We all have those moments; SmartShield is here to take the stress out of them.

Success Story for Furniture Industry

SmartShield was put to the test to reduce stock levels and lead time at a Healthcare Furniture Manufacturer. A common problem in manufacturing is overstocking supplies to feed the assembly lines. SmartShield solved the problem by essentially becoming the client’s warehouse! We stocked large quantities of the needed products at our custom product and furniture packaging warehouse and set up call off Purchase Orders. This enabled us to eliminate lead times for the client which means rush shipments are not a problem! The client can rely on SmartShield to have stock on their product at any time. This also means that to get quantity discount pricing they do not have to crowd out their warehouse with excess product. This client has certainly proved the benefit of SmartShield stocking their product for them and setting up a simple, Just-In-Time Packaging Supply.

SmartShield has become our preferred packaging supplier because of their energetic approach to resolving our packaging headaches. Their willingness to stock our product means we get exactly what we need when we need it, without delays. Thank you SmartShield!Carl – Kitchener