SmartShield Packaging offers a range of equipment and product for your perfect heat shrink operation.

Whether sealing your boat for the winter or protecting your products from the elements— especially when product is going to be in transit or storage for a longer period of time — our heat shrink material gets the job done.

Heat shrinking your product has major benefits over pallet stretch wrapping. Pallet stretch wrapping quickly breaks down, especially if given time in the elements such as rain, snow, or extreme sunshine.

To choose the correct film, it is important know how long your product will be wrapped, where it will be stored or transported to, and whether it will be subjected to outside weather. The film can be manufactured to your exact needs if we don’t have it on the shelf for you.

Our shrink film rolls can be tinted/coloured to your company colour. If there is sufficient volume, it can be printed with your company logo or a message on it.

This film is strong, and the possibility of your product falling off the pallet or getting lost is extremely reduced. A pallet can be tilted on a 45 degree angle and the product will stay in place. If that happens with a stretch-wrapped pallet, it will most likely end up on the floor.

As an example: if you use 6-mil poly around your product, that is the equivalent to wrapping 12 times with a 50g stretch-wrap. There are no gaps for the rain or snow to get through to your product – it is completely safe and contained. That’s why so many people wrap their boats for the winter in this great material.

SmartShield offers a trial process where you can wrap several pallets with shrink-film using our equipment, but only paying for the film you use while experimenting. You will see a major difference to not only the protection of your product, but also the appearance.

Product wrapped this way is also much more secure as it is not easy to wrap again the same way. It will be obvious if tampered with in transit.

Shrink Film Guns

SmartShield Packaging also offers a wide range of heat shrink film guns. There is the popular Ripack Gun which gets better every time. The Shrinkit, recently updated, is the more budget-type gun that does a fantastic job and is more for the casual user. Both run on your BBQ propane and are very safe when used in accordance with the instructions.

Think about the advantages of never having a pallet returned again due to missing parts or damaged product due to not being wrapped tight enough on the skid, or perhaps soaking wet because the truck had a leak in the roof right above your pallet of goods.

The finished surface is also perfect for adhering your bespoke labels to, or if you prefer writing the instructions and destination address with a black marker it couldn’t be easier, and will stand out for all to read.

Learn more about our shrink film guns today to see how easy the process is and call Smartshield for a demonstration at your own facility with your own product. See for yourself the amazing advantages of using this great method,which is being used much more in Europe and Great Britain with excellent results. Click on the video demonstration and see the advantages and possibilities.