Foam is one of the most versatile and most widely used material for products that need special handling and protection in order to arrive at its destination intact.

There are a wide variety of foams, mainly recyclable and reusable, but with different thicknesses and different densities for your specific application. This is where the team at SmartShield can step in and help you with choosing the right foam.

It is important that the foam used will be dense enough to absorb the bumps and shocks that your investment will encounter on its journey to final destination. This can often depend on how it will be couriered too – including the class of courier as well as the distance and method of travel. Foam is a lightweight packaging option, and this goes a long way in reducing costs in transport – especially if the package is being air freighted.  All of these factors play into a unique foam requirement, and choosing the right one is vital to ensure it arrives to the destination intact.

SmartShield Packaging has machinery that can cut, glue, and shape Foam to make the nest for your goods that is required to keep them safe through every step of the voyage. Just about any shape is possible with the CNC equipment here at the factory.

Presentation matters, and our passion is getting you the best package that will complement the goods, and wow your customer. This is done with skill, design and years of experience. You can safely leave the design to a team that is passionate about your product and as keen as you are to see it delivered in one piece to its final home.

There is a vast amount of colors in foam which greatly assist in creating an unforgettable first impression. The main industrial foam used in wooden crates and large boxes is generally white or black. However, if you are looking to line a plastic case with foam, bolder colors like red or blue accents make a great statement. Samples of our work and the different types of foam are available upon request.

Below is a summary of the most commonly used types of foam we sell. Feel free to contact us for samples!

Polyethylene: Cost effective and an excellent standard packaging foam. Easy to cut, glue and heat seal. Similar type of foam to what pool noodles are made from.

Crosslink (XLPE): Closed cell foam but also Class A surface protection, it is very durable offering long term performance. Excellent for tool tray and case inserts solutions. It is a very clean-looking foam and durable to cleaning chemicals.

Zote: Class A surface protection, very high quality and very light weight. It is nitrogen expanded, meaning low odor and very consistent density. Ideal for case inserts and displays. Durable for vibration protection and wears well with repeated use.