No matter what type of product you’re mailing, if you have empty space around your product, that product is at risk of being damaged or even destroyed during the transit.

This is what makes protective packaging — also called void fill — so important. In this blog, we will discuss some of the more common types of protective packaging and what product works best with each. 

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Protective Packaging 

Whether you are shipping something fragile, bulky, or small, it’s important to make sure it won’t move around while in transit. That’s where protective packaging comes in. Learn more about the different types of protective packaging and find a solution that works best for your business and your product! 


Loosefill, also called foam peanuts, resembles the shape of a peanut and is often made out of foam. They are great for preserving fragile items and can easily fill any space you have left. They also create a cushioning effect so as your item moves around in transit, it won’t break. 

At SmartShield Packaging, our loosefill is both biodegradable and static-free, so you can have an easy-to-use and eco-friendly protective packaging. 

Polyethylene Foam

You can find foam packaging in a variety of thickness, depending on how much padding your product needs. When you fill the void with polyethylene foam, your product won’t slide around inside the box, like it could with loosefill. 

Paper Packaging

Kraft is a subtype of paper packaging and is available from SmartShield Packaging as a roll and dispenser. Unlike other types of paper, packing paper is studier and less prone to rips and tears. This means that you can crumple and fold the paper without compromising its protective qualities. 

Paper packaging is great for products that have voids too big to be filled with something like loosefill. And, since it’s all paper, it’s recyclable!  

Newsprint is another subtype of paper packaging and is one of the most common paper types. It’s known for being white and is perfect if you’re looking for a clean and modern aesthetic with your packaging. 

Bubble Wrap 

Bubble wrap is another common protective packaging. Since bubble wrap is so moldable, it’s perfect for wrapping delicate items — and it’s fun to stomp on when you’re done. 

VCI Packaging 

VCI packaging is a type of paper or plastic that is coated with corrosion inhibitors. This makes it great for metal because the inhibitors will prevent that product from rusting. 

Custom-Designed Boxes

If you have a unique product or a product that contains multiple pieces, a custom-designed box adds an aesthetic to your product that goes beyond bubble wrap and paper packaging.

At SmartShield Packaging, we will design custom packaging materials for whatever product you have. Just reach out to our team for a free custom packaging quote

Trust Us for Your Packaging Equipment Needs 

At SmartShield Packaging, we understand how important it is to find the right packaging equipment for your product. We hope that this post helped you understand what protective packaging equipment could help your product the most. 

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