Singleface Corrugated Rolls — Cardboard Packaging Solutions

Packaging solutions have never been easier to find. SmartShield Packaging provides top-notch cardboard items to make your packing and shipping simple and painless. Our singleface corrugated cardboard rolls are ideal for wrapping delicate items, covering hardwood furniture, and more. With multiple sizes and colors available, our single corrugated cardboard rolls are suitable for any job!

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  • These cardboard rolls provide shock-absorbent cushioning for delicate items.
  • Ideal for surface protection of furniture.
  • Made from flexible material to allow for any shape conformity.

Looking for a way to protect your valuable items while packing, moving, or shipping? This singleface corrugated cardboard roll is what you need. Just roll and cut to the exact specifications you need and get reliable protection from chips, scrapes, scratching, and breaks. Need a different price or size? Contact SmartShield for all of your packaging solutions today.

  • Environmentally friendly and 100 percent recyclable
  • 250 feet long


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CR06100 6″ x 250ft Kraft rolls 1
CR08100 8″ x 250ft Kraft rolls 1
CR10100 10″ x 250ft Kraft rolls 1
CR18100 18″ x 250ft Kraft rolls 1
CR24100 24″ x 250ft White rolls 1
CR30100 30″ x 250ft Kraft rolls 1
CR36100 36″ x 250ft Kraft rolls 1
CR48100 48″ x 250ft Kraft rolls 1
CR60100 60″ x 250ft Kraft rolls 1
CR72100 72″ x 250ft Kraft rolls 1