Keep your business fully stocked with commercial janitorial supplies.

  • We offer both Kraft and white hand towels to meet your preference and needs.
  • Choose between a variety of different paper towel options — from regular kitchen rolls to multifold towels and jumbo hand towels.
  • Our commercial janitorial supplies are available in multiple unit sizes so you can find the case size right for your needs.

Paper towels are a must-have for any business. From cleaning up every day messes to having a supply on-hand in bathrooms, they’re an essential part of day-to-day operations. At SmartShield Packaging, we offer a wide variety of hand towels to best meet your business’s needs. Whether you need white or Kraft, single or multifold, 8 inch or jumbo, we’ve got you covered. Our commercial paper towels come in bulk sizes at a price you can’t beat. Explore our paper towel options and shop commercial janitorial supplies at SmartShield Packaging today.

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  • White or Kraft
  • Single-fold, Multifold, 2-ply, 8 inch, and jumbo options available
  • Available in different unit sizes  


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JA10101 White 2-ply White Facial Tissue  100sh 30/Cs 30/case
JA12352 Kraft Single Fold Towel 250 sh/roll 16/case
JA12382 Kraft Multifold Towel 250 sh/roll 16/case
JA17302 White 2ply Centre Pull 700ft/roll 6/case
JA17402 White 2 ply Hand Towel 85 sh/roll 30/case
JA18101 White Hand Towel 8″ x 205’/roll 24/case
JA18102 Kraft Hand Towel 8″ x 205’/roll  *most common* 24/case
JA18201 White Jumbo Hand Towel 8″ x 600’/roll 12/case