Packing Labels

Warning labels will ensure that proper and safe shipment procedures are followed with your valuable packages.

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  • Fragile glassware packages will be easy to spot and handled with the proper care.
  • Frozen food packages can be properly labeled to ensure they are preserved throughout their shipment.
  • Easily notify shippers of how to organize your packages to ensure safe travels.

At SmartShield Packaging, we offer a variety of warning labels for packages for you to ensure your package makes it safely and securely to its final destination. Choose the ones that best fit your package labeling needs and give us a call to order a roll today!


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LM15141 2 x 5-3/8″ Black/Orange Consumer Commodity 500/roll
LM15195 2 x 5-3/8″ Black/Orange Do Not Lay Flat 500/roll
LM40201 3 x 4″ Red/Black/White Fragile (broken glass) 500/roll
LM40205 3 x 4″ Red/Black/White Two Up Arrows 500/roll
LM40207 3 x 4″ Red/Black/White Do Not Stack 500/roll
LM60101 2 x 5″ Black/Orange Fragile H.W.C 500/roll
LM60102 2 x 5″ Black/Orange Glass H.W.C. 500/roll
LM60104 2 x 5″ Black/Orange This Side Up(Arrow) 500/roll
LM60106 2 x 5″ Black/Orange Do Not Break Down Skid 500/roll
LM60107 2 x 5″ Black/Orange Do Not Stack 500/roll
LM60109 2 x 5″ Black/Orange Do Not Top Load 500/roll
LM60114 2 x 5″ Black/Orange Repack 500/roll
LM60116 2 x 5″ Black/Orange Urgent 500/roll
LM80134 2 x 5″ White/Red Keep Cool 500/roll
LM80147 2 x 5″ White/Red Fragile 500/roll
LM80148 2 x 5″ White/Red Do Not Use Knife to Open 500/roll
LM80158 2 x 5″ White/Red Inspected 500/roll
LM80160 2 x 5″ White/Red Caution Heavy 500/roll
LM80212 2-1/4 x 3″ White/Red Fragile (broken glass) 500/roll