Never run out of custom packaging supplies for your cargo shipments when you buy tags and cable ties in bulk.

  • Custom packaging supplies like these tags and cable ties will make it easier to safeguard your cargo during the shipping process.
  • Choose from a variety of shipping tag sizes, ranging from 2.75×1.375 inches all the way up to 6.25×3.125 inches.
  • Get 1000 custom tags in your preferred size when you buy in bulk from SmartShield.

At SmartShield Packaging, we know how important is to properly package your shipments to ensure they arrive at their destination undamaged. That’s why we offer bulk custom packaging supplies like our tags and cable ties. Choose from a variety of shipping tag sizes to find a tag that best fits your product. Securely fasten everything together with our cables ties, available in 7.5, 11.5, and 14.5 inches. All of our cases contain 1000 shipping tags. Depending on cable size, you can order a bag of 500 or 1000 cable ties. Feel in control when it comes to your shipping requirements with our SmartShield custom packaging supplies.

  • Shipping tag wires, T–end fastener, copper wire, and wire puller tool also available.


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LT10102 2.75 x 1.375″ Manilla # 1 Shipping Tags 1000/case
LT10202 3.25 x 1.625″ Manilla # 2 Shipping Tags 1000/case
LT10302 3.75 x 1.875″ Manilla # 3 Shipping Tags 1000/case
LT10402 4.25 x 2.125″ Manilla # 4 Shipping Tags 1000/case
LT10502 4.75 x 2.375″ Manilla # 5 Shipping Tags 1000/case
LT10602 5.25 x 2.625″ Manilla # 6 Shipping Tags 1000/case
LT10702 5.75 x 2.875” Manilla #7 Shipping Tags 1000/case
LT10802 6.25 x 3.125” Manilla # 8 Shipping Tags 1000/case
LT51290 12″ Silver Shipping Tag Wires 1000/bag
WC10750 7.5″ Natural Cable Ties 1000/bag
WC11150 11.5″ Natural Cable Ties 1000/bag
WC30100 1″ T – End Fastener F08951 5000/case
WD10600 6″ 18gauge Non Copper Wire 2500/coil
WD19200 Wire Puller Tool ea