When you have the right packaging equipment — especially when it comes to utility knives and blades — your mailing and packaging process can run as smoothly as possible.

  • Tackle any taped or stapled package with our heavy-duty utility knives and other packaging equipment.
  • The utility knives we offer come with different features, including our knife with a staple remover, a plastic cutter, and our all-in-one package opener.
  • To prevent you and your business from running out of new blades, order our utility blade replacements in bulk.

When it comes to packaging equipment, make sure you never run out of utility knives and blades. That’s why SmartShield Packaging offers a wide range of utility knives and replacement blades. From snap-off blades to plastic cutters and all-in-one utility knives, we have the right blade for whatever packaging project you’re working on! Don’t forget to keep some replacement blades on hand when you order bulk packaging equipment from us today.


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TK10100 All in One Pkg Opener 1
TK10200 Klever X Change Package Opener 1
TK10801 OLFA X H/D cutter 1
TK11024 H/D Bolt Cropper 1
TK11310 L1 H/D Cutter OLFA 1
TK11320 L2 H/D Cutter OLFA 1
TK12221 SL1 H/D Plastic cutter 1
TK31200 Metal Utility Knife *common* 1
TK34150 Light Duty Utility Knife – Snap-Off Blade 1
TK34180 Snap off Blade “L” 10/pk
TK35500 L19 Twist Lock Utility Knife  1
TK70010 Utility Blades 10/pk

Klever Replacement Blades

(other styles available)

TK70150 Mini Snap-Off Blades AB-50B 50/pk
TK70820 H1 HB-20B H/D Blade 20/pk
TK71250 OLFA LB50B Snap Off 50/pk
TK71381 OLFA Hook Blafde LH-20B 5/pk