When it comes to packaging equipment, bubble wrap will help keep whatever you have to package secure and protected.

  • Choose what bubble size will best fit the products you have the package, ranging in size from 3/16 of an inch to ½ of an inch.
  • Order our SmartSheild bubble wrap in bulk and never run out of packaging equipment to keep your product safe and padded.
  • Pick the roll length and width that best suits your packaging needs, whether you want a roll that is two feet tall or four feet tall.

Bubble wrap is an essential packaging equipment tool when it comes to shipping fragile or delicate products. When you order bubble wrap in bulk from SmartShield Packaging, you can choose a bubble and roll size that best fits your products and the package size you have to send. Depending on the size you choose, your bubble wrap roll comes with slits and perforations so you can customize your bubble wrapping. Order bubble wrap and other packaging equipment from SmartShield Packaging today!

  • Rolling configuration style listed beside Product # (A, B, C) below.
  • SL denotes “slit” and PE denoted “perforated”


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BW34800 (C) 3/16″ 48″ x 750′  – 1
BW34802 (C) 3/16″ 48″ x 750′ PE@12″ 1
BW34822 (A) 3/16″ 12″ x 750′ SL@12″; PE@12″ 4
BW34840 (B) 3/16″ 24″ x 750′ SL@24″ 2
BW34841 (B) 3/16″ 24″ x 750′ SL@24″; PE@12″ 2
BW34848 (B) 3/16″ 24″ x 750′ SL@24″; PE@24″ 2
BW84800 (C) 1/2″ 48 x 250′  – 1
BW84822 (A) 1/2″ 12″ x 250′ SL@12″; PE@12″ 4
BW84840 (B) 1/2″ 24″ x 750′ SL@24″ 2
BW84842 (B) 1/2″ 24″ x 750′ SL@24″; PE@12″ 2
BW84844 (B) 1/2″ 24″ x 750′ SL@24″; PE@24″  2
BX18486 (B) 1/2″  PINK 24″ x 250′  Anti-static SL@24″ 2