If you’re looking for corrugated packaging, our Singleface Corrugated Rolls are a great choice. 

  • Easily recycle our corrugated rolls when you’re done using the it for a sustainable packaging material! 
  • All of our corrugated packaging comes in rolls and is available in the color Kraft.
  • Our corrugated material contains a shock-absorbent cushioning material to keep delicate items safe. 
  • Choose from a variety of roll sizes to find corrugated packaging that best fits your products.

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Our Singleface Corrugated Packaging Rolls are available in a variety of roll sizes so you can find the roll that’s best suited for your product. This means that you won’t have to worry about damage during shipment when you choose corrugated packaging. Instead, these rolls are made with a shock-absorbent cushioning material that will protect your items from scrapes, chips, scratching, and unwanted breaks. The flexibility of our corrugated packaging rolls also allows you to easily wrap any bulky or oddly-shaped product. When you or your consumer is done with the packaging material, recycle it! Order our corrugated packaging rolls and other packaging materials from SmartShield Packaging. 


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CR06100 6″ x 250ft Kraft Roll
CR08100 8″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR09100 9″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR10100 10″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR18100 18″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR24100 24″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR28100 28″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR30100 30″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR36100 36″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR48100 48″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR60100 60″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll
CR72100 72″ x 250ft  Kraft Roll