Keep your products secure when you use our shrinkfilm gun for shrink packaging. 

  • These shrinkfilm guns are available in green, black, and orange. 
  • Easily wrap multiple items together for easier shipment, distribution, and inventory.
  • Depending on the shrinkfilm gun you choose, you’ll receive a kit that includes a hose and adjustable pressure regulator.

Have you considered shrink packaging for your purchases that include multiple items? Our shrinkfilm heat guns provide an easier way to package your products together, keeping those items together throughout the entire shipping and distribution process. When it comes to shrink packaging, you can choose from our three different shrinkfilm guns — available in the colors green, black, and orange. Choose a model that’s right for your product and the shrink packaging process. If you’re also looking for shrink film, make sure you browse our shrink film rolls and materials at SmartShield Packaging today! 




PM10010 Green Shrinkit Kit – more details CLICK HERE
Kit includes: Hose, adjustable pressure regulator.
PM11000 Black Heat Gun – Electric
PM12000 Orange Ripack 3000 kit- more details and a video demonstration CLICK HERE
Kit includes: Heavy duty carrying case, spare igniter, hose, and adjustable pressure regulator.