Polyester Straps are critical packaging equipment, but you need the right buckles and seals to get the most out of them. A lot can happen to your pallets during transit, but our Buckles and Seals for Polyester Straps can help you ensure the safety of your goods by keeping your straps in place. You need to do everything you can to keep your products safe — order yours today!

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    • We carry buckles and seals in a variety of sizes and functionalities
    • These products are specifically designed for polyester straps
    • Choose from open, heavy duty, or wire buckles and seals
    • Eliminate the risk of using “universal” buckles and seals on different strapping

Do you want to reduce the risk of losing goods during storage and transit? Of course you do! Using the same buckles and seals on different types of strapping is one of the easiest ways to compromise the safety of your products, but Smart Shield Packaging has you covered! Our Buckles and Seals for Polyester Straps were designed to fit the specific properties of polyester strapping. You deserve the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your business is protected — contact us today to order yours!

  • The Buckles and Seals for Polyester Straps of your choice
  • Expert consultation and customer support for your packaging equipment


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    SK10580 1/2 x 1″ Open Seals 2000/case
    SK20590 1/2″ H/Duty Serrated Seal 1000/case
    SK30540 1/2″ Wire Buckles 1000/case
    SK30580 1/2″ H/Duty Wire Buckles 1000/case
    SK70624 5/8″ Open Seals 1000/case
    SK70640 5/8″ H/Duty Serrated Seal 1000/case
    SK70680 5/8″ H/Duty Wire Buckles 1000/case