Polyester Strapping from Smart Shield Packaging

With our Polyester Strap Carts, box sealing and packaging is easier than ever! Each unit is maneuverable and features a tool tray where you can keep all of your essential packaging equipment handy. These carts neatly dispense your polyester strapping and keep your spools tight, reducing waste and saving you money. Smart Shield Packaging has all of the packaging equipment your business needs — order your Polyester Strap Cart today!

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    • Light and maneuverable cart
    • Easy and effective dispensing system
    • Don’t waste your time lugging heavy spools of strap around your warehouse
    • Preserve the integrity of your straps and eliminate waste

Without our Polyester Strap Carts, it’s easy to waste valuable time and resources carrying heavy spools of polyester strapping around your warehouse. Too often, these spools become loose, flexible, and misshapen, compromising the security of your packaged goods. Our Polyester Strap Carts are intuitive and easy to use and will always keep your spools of polyester strapping tight and ready-to-go. Smart Shield Packaging is your packaging equipment supplier — order your Polyester Strap Carts today!

  • One Polyester Strap Cart
  • One convenient tool tray
  • Premium customer support from our packaging equipment experts


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SC20400 16×6″ H/Duty Strap Cart
SC30100 8×8″ to 16×6″ H/Duty Strap Cart -Pneumatic Tires