Banding Film from Smart Shield Packaging

With our banding film, you can get the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that your products are protected and your pallets won’t come loose. This essential packaging equipment is perfect for bundling light goods and keeping them safe during transport. Smart Shield Packaging is the trusted partner for all of your packaging equipment needs — order your banding film today!

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    • Reliable, anti-slip texture and hold
    • Elastic memory properties
    • Banding film sticks to itself and keeps your pallets secure
    • Adheres to itself and doesn’t require a heat source to fit to your packaging

When it comes to light duty bundling, you can count on our Banding Film to get the job done. This essential packaging equipment is reliable and easy to use, and is more cost efficient than other bundling options like tape, strapping, or wire. Unlike shrink wrap, Banding Film adheres to itself and leaves no ugly residue, so your packaging can make the right first impression. Banding film is easy to use, and we offer some coreless options upon request. Order yours today or contact Smart Shield Packaging for all of your packaging equipment needs!
Your purchase includes:

  • As many rolls of Banding Film as you’d like to order
  • Premier customer support from our knowledgeable staff



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HA38001 3″ x 1000ft 80g Clear Handy wrap 18/case
HA48200 4″ x 1200ft 80g Clear Handy wrap 15/case
HA58001 5″ x 1000ft 80g Clear Handy wrap 12/case