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Custom Packaging

Give your products and supplies the best protection with quality, cost-effective packaging solutions.



Cost Reduction

Save on materials with packaging that meets your needs and budget.

Product Protection

Ensure your products are well protected and lower damage costs.

Industry Standards

Distribute knowing your products follow industry specs and requirements.

Labeling & Stencilling

Labels ensure every delivery gets handled or unboxed the right way.

Sustainable Practices

Minimize your waste and contribute to a healthier environment.

Storage Solutions

Keep extra packaging and supplies in stock whenever you need them.

Ashley Botterill
“Our packaging is designed with smart materials that keep your products safe.”
  • Get best recommendations for materials and structure to maintain optimal protection
  • Tests can ensure your products get maximum protection, even under extreme conditions
  • Smart design helps to reduce material costs without compromising structural integrity

Popular materials

Customized to fit your business needs

Guarantee improved packaging results with innovative solutions designed to help you reduce material costs and damage to your products.

Plastic Cases
Foam Sets and Case Inserts
Crates and Pallets

Plastic Cases

Depending on your product, we provide multiple selections of material for impact resistance, weight testing, Mil-Spec ratings, medical safety, and more.

  • Secure delicate items in a hard shell protective case
  • Indestructible, lightweight, and waterproof options
  • Trusted brands Nanuk, Pelican, or Gemstar
Plastic Case

Foam Sets and Case Inserts

We have a large variety of foam types available in varying densities and colors. Capabilities to produce complex and simple foam solutions.

  • Common foam types are polyethylene, polyurethane, crosslinked polyethylene, and expanded polystyrene
  • Manufacturing capabilities include die cutting, waterjet cutting, CNC routering, CNC knife cutting, and laser engraving
  • Anti-static and static dissipative foam types available
Foam Set-Resized

Crates and Pallets

Whether you're looking for durable cardboard or heat-treated wood - protect your valuable products with damage-resistant crating.

  • Wood is highly durable and cost-effective
  • Perform drop tests to ensure optimal safety
  • Add Polystyrene liner for extra humidity control


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