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Wooden crates are one of the most rigid and robust packaging options for those heavy and or valuable products. Crates are available in all shapes and sizes and are reusable and recyclable. Customized crates are also available with custom paintwork and custom inserts when required. 

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  • Some sizes available from stock.
  • All wooden crates created at SmartShield are made using HT certified lumber, meaning they are certified for international shipping.
  • Customized crates are often painted or stenciled, bearing the customer’s name or the product name. This ensures traceability in transit and greatly reduces any likelihood of theft or incorrect shipments. 
  • Wooden crates are available with custom wooden or foam inserts to help support and protect your products when in transit. Often SmartShield design and build crates that are highly customized and structured to be used over and over again, including removable panels, ramps, casters, foam sets, or a combination of these features. 
  • Crates may be engineered using alternative materials to reduce cost and weight, while still offering quality protection suitable for international shipment. A good example of this, is to replace plywood panels with cardboard, or to have a scored cardboard pad, with wooden panels either end. 
  • SmartShield’s crate design team are always happy to work with you to create a perfect crate for your specific requirements. This can be done onsite, by measuring from the product you need to ship, or, using CAD files or drawings if they are available. For more technical crating requirements, the design team will 3D scan the component or components.
  • Returnable crate program - SmartShield offers a returnable crate service where we build the crates, our customer ships it out with their product, the crate is then returned to us and inspected, and if needed -  repaired, so that the crates can be used multiple times.
  • SmartShield’s CGP certification ensures security-sensitive designs are carried out with confidence.
  • SmartShield’s ISO certification ensures a structured, consistent approach to high quality custom packaging that you can rely on.
  • Pair with wooden pallets
  • Click HERE for more details on Wooden crates 
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