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Get maximum protection with custom designed, light weight and non-abrasive foam sets. With high compression strength available, foam offers shock absorbency and surface protection. It can be laminated together to provide thicker sections for endless specialized designs and, is also available with anti-static properties. 



 With specialized equipment that can cut, shape and glue foam, you can be assured the perfect nest required to keep your product safe through every step of its voyage will be created. No project is too challenging for the team at SmartShield, from a simple foam set to cushion a component in a cardboard box, to a complex foam set to protect multiple items in a plastic case, or wood crate, the perfect package will be produced. 

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Custom designed foam packaging sets do not always consist of just foam, it may be combined with other protective materials such as plastic HDPE, plywood, corrugated plastic, cardboard or rubber.

SmartShield take pride in making our customers smile with packaging done right. Our dedicated team are always happy to share our knowledge of the foam types available, and use our creative expertise to assist you in achieving an impeccable package design.

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Higher density means heavier foam. The higher the density, the smaller the cells and the thicker the cell walls which creates a denser, stronger material.

There are many foam types, and a wide variety of thicknesses and densities available for your specific application.
It is vital to ensure that the foam used will be dense enough to absorb the impacts and shocks that your investment may encounter on the journey to its final destination. The type of transportation including the class of the courier and the distance to be travelled are influential factors when selecting the type, thickness and density of foam that will best protect your product.
Foam is a cost-effective packaging solution as it is one of the most lightweight packaging materials keeping freight costs to a minimum, also almost all foam is recyclable and reusable, it can be melted down and reused or even remolded for similar applications.  

  • Polystyrene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyurethane
  • Crosslink (XLPE)
  • Zote
  • Antistatic foam

For more details on foam types visit our Knowledge Centre: Foam Types

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