About Our Custom
Packaging Solutions

Mission Statement

To improve our clients’ efficiency and strengthen their corporate identity through intelligent, custom packaging solutions, in conjunction with quality stock products ensuring critical shipments are delivered intact every time.

Vision Statement

To become the leading North American custom packaging provider, renown for delivering best in class service and reshaping the field of innovative custom packaging design.


Our Story

SmartShield Packaging provides a variety of packaging services and supplies in order to ship almost any product and item. We specialize in custom protective packaging by designing and developing containers, boxes, and other packages to fit and safely transport specialized products across a range of industries.


Our Story

SmartShield has been providing packages and peace of mind since 1992, originally located in the United Kingdom. The company moved to Canada in 2004 and today makes its home and headquarters in Ontario.

In its earliest days, our company was run out of a garage, and our first job involved producing heavy duty black garbage sacks worth roughly $700 CAD for a local school. SmartShield later moved into a small warehouse before making the jump to Canada. Once there, our team of about six employees worked with our box and foam suppliers to create some of earliest custom packaging.

Today, we are humbled and proud to have grown into a leading custom packaging provider that’s been able to work with and serve so many great companies and people.

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