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Shadow boards also known as WIP (work in progress) trays, are ideal for organising tools or parts in manufacturing facilities, avoiding loss of product, or distribution of partial sets.

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Shadow boards are commonly used in large facilities where parts are stored in one location and distributed from there to various points in the plant or warehouse. 

  • Ensure safe movement or storage of tools, parts, or hardware kits, with product held in specific pockets.
  • Individual compartments for organization and prevention of product abrasion or damage.
  • Replaces need for tool box while also increasing productivity, as user does not waste time looking for the correct tool.
  • Designed with bright colours behind so obvious at a quick glance when a tool or piece is missing. Ensuring all components are accounted for, preventing loss and unnecessary replacement expense.
  • Constructed with foam or HDPE (plastic) materials, or a combination of both, to meet specific application requirements. Both materials are available in various colours so that certain board colours can be used to identify different product lines or jobs.

Ideal for industries reliant on lean Processes, including nuclear power components, aerospace and defence.

Do Plastic or Foam Shadow Boards Best Suit Your Application?

Is plastic, or foam, or a combination of both materials best for your shadow board requirement?

  • Plastic Shadow Boards:
    Shadow boards constructed only of plastic are very heavy duty, they are ideal for applications where parts are heavy or do not require surface protection, or protection from shock or vibration. They are also used when parts are coated in liquids so that the board can be cleaned after each use.
  • Foam Shadow Boards:
    Foam shadow boards are a cheaper alternative to plastic and are ideal for small, lightweight components. They are best used for more fragile or delicate parts requiring surface protection or protection from shock or vibration. A wide variety of foam types and densities are available to ensure the tray fulfils client requirements.
  • Plastic and Foam Combination Shadow Boards:
    Shadow boards may be created with both plastic and foam materials providing both a heavy duty and protective tray.

The SmartShield team are always happy to assist customers with the material choice and design of their shadow board.
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