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Eliminate damage with precision-engineered packaging for aerospace parts
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The aerospace industry follows rigid guidelines to ensure the safety and integrity of aircraft parts. Making even the slightest mistake can result in the loss of millions of dollars and countless lives.

Whether it’s uniquely shaped, bulky, or delicate parts, such as wing assemblies, aircraft engines, landing gear, or electrical components – our packaging solutions help you to lower costs without compromising safety.

Anti-static foam prevents damage to sensitive electronic devices and parts.

Drop tests ensure fragile or high-value products remain safe when shipped.

Shock-resistant materials prevent unwanted damage during handling, transportation, and shipping.

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Aerospace components are mirrored symmetry by design, which requires a specific construction for shipping containers and packages. While working with Boeing 767 Main Landing Gear suppliers, they provided us with a design for both left and right-hand versions of crating. In times of high demand, our customers faced difficulties stocking the correct case and occasionally ordered the wrong type, resulting in shipping delays and additional costs. Our design team made a custom crate that worked to secure any side of their landing gear to solve this constraint. Overall, this led to reduced costs for stocking and eliminated any future incidents of using incorrect cases.

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Popular materials used in aerospace packaging

Sometimes, you won’t need much more than a wooden box or crate with shredded paper or packing peanuts to ensure nothing moves around much. However, when you’re dealing with long transits or unknown storage times, you may need specialty cases made to comply industry specifications and regulations. For that, you need industry-leading aerospace packaging solutions.

At SmartShield, we commonly work with cardboard, wood, foam, and plastic materials to create the perfect package that meets your needs. Learn more about some of the packing materials we use for aerospace:

  • Wood crating
  • Boxing with custom foam sets
  • Plastic cases with custom foam sets
  • Hybrid packaging: plastic materials, wood, and cardboard
  • Cardboard wrap on a wooden pallet

Innovative, cost-effective solutions

Pricing is a critical factor when it comes to partnering with a packaging provider. At SmartShield, we’re committed to solving your complex packaging needs with forward-thinking solutions that reduce costs – without compromising the safety or integrity of your products.

For example, a past customer was purchasing crates with custom foam for two cylinders at approximately $450 each. We provided a custom solution with 1/8th of the foam required by the original design and recommended a cardboard wrap with wooden ends mounted to a pallet. This design maintained total protection of their parts while reducing the costs of packaging by 257% (or around $175 per custom crate).

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SmartShield is an ISO 9001 Certified company, and CGP (Controlled Goods)
Approved - ensuring a high standard of quality, consistency, and trust.


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