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Honeycomb offers high levels of cushioning, stacking strength and shock absorbency. It is created with a kraft honeycomb shaped cell structure between two kraft liners, providing a lightweight, robust protection. The kraft liners are comparable to those used for corrugated cardboard sheets or cartons, but the cell structure between them provides greater strength than standard corrugated cardboard fluting. 

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Honeycomb is a strong and reusable product, made from 100% recyclable material. It is available in sheets in a wide variety of thicknesses and cell dimensions. The smaller the cells, the stronger the stacking strength. It is easily hand cut with a utility knife or may be custom engineered to suit customers specific applications.

Honeycomb is a cost-effective solution in the packaging world. It is commonly used for block and brace applications including protecting product corners of signage displays, furniture, and large machines such as kitchen appliances, or for layering between product on pallets. Blocks of honeycomb may also be used to create a lightweight pallet. Honeycomb is an environmentally friendly replacement to custom foam fitments in boxes, and is a commonly selected alternative for polystyrene.  

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