5 Reasons Companies Should Partner with Packaging Engineers

May 17, 2024

In today's fiercely competitive landscape, every detail of a company’s operation is under scrutiny, from customer interactions to product presentation.

If your firm is at the forefront of industries including aerospace, defense, electronics, manufacturing - or if you're an independent business specializing in high-value shipments (much like many of our valued clients) - then you're acutely aware of the pivotal role packaging plays in safeguarding your items.

Picture this: a crucial piece of drone technology meticulously designed and manufactured is ready to embark on its journey to a distant destination. Now, imagine the item placed in an off-shelf mailer box ahead of its journey.

Products like yours aren't just commodities - they're feats of engineering, and need quality of packaging to match. It’s why we - and our trusted clients - believe partnering with a packaging engineer is a win-win.

Custom wooden box packaging for drone

What is a Packaging Engineer?

A packaging engineer is another word for a packaging consultant - a specialist who collaborates with clients to develop and deliver value-engineered packaging solutions.

The SmartShield team consists of many such engineers, who bring a wealth of expertise in material technology, physics, design, and manufacturing to ensure the packaging they design for our high-level clients is on point in every aspect.

Packaging engineers analyze various factors affecting the transportation of your products, with an expert eye - including your supply chain, fulfillment procedures, and cost efficiency.

By doing so, they devise solutions to safeguard your products *and* streamline your operations and mitigate long-term expenses.

Plus, packaging engineers are expert in recognizing instances of excessive design or engineering, ensuring the packaging they create is economically viable.

In a nutshell, packaging engineers work to reduce costs while meeting your key goals of protecting your product; minimizing waste; reducing shipping costs, and enhancing brand visibility while your item is in transit.

Let’s take a look in more detail…

Five Reasons to Work With a Packaging Engineer

1. You’re guaranteed tailored solutions 

An expert packaging engineer specializes in creating value-engineered packaging solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements.

Whether dealing with delicate medical equipment or robust electronics, our team designs packaging solutions that offer optimal protection and cost-effectiveness.

2. You’ll make warehouse savings 

Partnering with a packaging engineer can also lead to significant savings in warehouse space.

Many businesses, especially new brands, resort to using standard mailer boxes as a quick and practical packaging solution. This might seem cost-effective initially but it often results in wasted space and excess weight, which can drain cash flow and inflate shipping costs.

In addition to this, using off-the-shelf packaging solutions isn’t the best route to efficient storage and can lead to unnecessary storage space requirements.

By working with a packaging engineer, businesses can design customized packaging solutions that protect their products *and* minimize wasted space in warehouses, which ultimately reduces storage costs and maximizes operations.

Crate and Foam Set drawing for drone packaging

3. Cost savings through value engineering

Value engineering is at the core of what we do at SmartShield. Our packaging engineers will identify opportunities to eliminate unnecessary materials and reduce your overall costs without compromising on quality or protection.

By streamlining your packaging processes and materials, you get to enjoy significant cost savings in the long run.

Want a practical example?

Imagine a glassware company tasked with shipping delicate, fragile products. The standard packaging solution for this would often involve a large, double-walled cardboard box packed tightly with void filler to minimize movement.

While effective, this approach is also resource-intensive and costly.

However, by collaborating with a packaging engineer, a company can explore alternative solutions.

For example, using single-walled mailing cartons with specially designed inserts to provide superior protection while reducing material usage and shipping costs.

4. Eco-friendly packaging solutions

As we all become increasingly conscious of environmental issues, eco-friendly packaging has become a top priority.

An expert packaging engineer, including the team at SmartShield, will advise you on sustainable packaging solutions that align with your brand values and meet consumer expectations - taking into account everything from recyclable materials and reusable packaging to minimalistic customized labelling.

But to reassure you, "eco-friendly packaging" does not have to mean complex materials, exorbitant costs and potential security compromises. In reality, eco-friendly packaging can be as straightforward as opting for a cardboard tube instead of single-use plastic packaging.

5. Opportunity to elevate your brand image

Packaging is not just about protecting your products - it's also a powerful marketing tool that can shape consumer perceptions of your brand. With custom-designed packaging solutions, your packages will stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Whether you're shipping agricultural drones or fragile electronics, our packaging consultants can help you create packaging that communicates quality, attention to detail, and brand uniqueness.

Let’s take a look at a real-world example…

A recent case study: how we elevated protection for our drone manufacturer client

Pelican drone case custom packaging

We recently collaborated with a drone manufacturer to develop a custom hard case for their shipments. Here are five key benefits of this bespoke packaging solution:

  • Optimal protection: the custom hard case provided unparalleled protection for the agriculture drone, safeguarding it against impact and environmental hazards.
  • Secure fit and presentation: with a custom-designed insert, the drone and its accessories were securely housed within the case - which also presented a professional and organized appearance.
  • Long-term durability: constructed from high-quality materials, the custom hard case offered unparalleled protection and support, ensuring product integrity

Custom foam inserts in plastic case for drone packaging

Taking the First Step: Partnering with a Packaging Engineer

In today's competitive landscape, packaging plays a crucial role in safeguarding valuable innovations - and working with a packaging engineer offers companies tailored solutions that not only protect your products and enhance efficiency but reduce long-term costs.

The typical starting point for embarking on value-engineered packaging is to conduct an audit of your current solutions and industry standards.

By teaming up with a packaging engineer, you'll delve into materials, manufacturing processes, end-of-lifecycle considerations, and shipping methods.

Together, you'll uncover opportunities for enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and overall improvement in your packaging strategy.

Are you ready to optimize your packaging strategy and unlock cost-saving opportunities? Reach out to us today.

Article written by SmartShield