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Static shielding packaging prevents incoming static charges from damaging sensitive electronic devices during storage or transportation.


Static shielding packaging materials are the ideal solution when static sensitive components need to be transported outside of EPA (electrostatic protected area). Static shielding products provide protection from static on the inside and the outside, offering your device a safe, reliable, static-free environment, no matter where they’re being stored or sent. 

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  • Static Shielding Tubing 
  • Static Shielding Reclosable Bags
  • Static Shielding Bubble Bags
  • Static Shielding Rolls



  • Static shielding bags prevent static build up inside the bag.
  • Perfect for storing or transporting items including circuit boards that require an anti-static environment.
  • Translucent silver bags for easy content identification
  • Available with print or without print, apply your own labels
  • Custom printing available 


Static Shielding or Anti Static Bags?
The use of antistatic and static shielding bags is often confused.  Anti-static bags will not hold a static charge or generate a static charge, however anti-static bags do not prevent the items inside the bag from experiencing an electrostatic discharge. What this means is these bags are not designed to protect items that are sensitive to static shocks like static shielding bags are, but are ideal for storing and moving items such as nuts and bolts that may be used in an electrostatic sensitive area, as anti-static bags will not carry an electrostatic charge like a traditional polyethylene bag would.

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