Anti-Static vs. Static Shielding Bags

July 21, 2023

When is it necessary to use an antistatic bag and when is a static shielding bag required?

This is a commonly asked question, the use of antistatic and static shielding bags is often confused, here we will describe the differences between the two.

anti static relosable bag

What is an anti-static bag?

Anti-static bags prevent the build-up of static electricity and are pink in colour. When anti-static bags encounter static charges, the static dissipates.

However, there is no barrier to prevent penetration through the wall of the bag.

Anti-static bags are used for storing or transporting items that are not sensitive to electrostatic discharge but will be used in an electrostatic-sensitive environment.

This is especially important for medical equipment and aerospace components. 

static shielding bag

What is a static shielding bag?

Static shielding bags prevent static electricity's build-up and protect the content from electrostatic discharge. They are usually silver in colour, made with 3 layers of material, including; polyethylene, aluminum and a type of polyester.

Once sealed, the bag creates a protective environment around the component known as the Faraday cage.

Static Shielding bags are used for storing or transporting electronic devices sensitive to static charges.

When is the most appropriate time to use anti-static bags?

The benefit of anti-static bags is that they will not hold a static charge or generate a static charge.

However, the bag does not prevent the items inside the bag from experiencing an electrostatic discharge. This means, these bags are not designed to protect items that are sensitive to static shocks, such as circuit boards.

Instead, they are used for storing and transporting items such as nuts and bolts that may be used in an electrostatic-sensitive area, as the bag does not carry an electrostatic charge like a traditional bag would.

The performance of these bags may deteriorate with use and, therefore, should be inspected before re-use.

Static shielding bags may be more suitable for you if...

If you have static-sensitive components that must be stored or transported outside of the EPA (electrostatic protected area). These metallized shielding bags create what is known as a Faraday cage around the item to protect it during handling.

However, these bags should not be sealed using staples to ensure total protection, as this could compromise the static shielding properties.

If you are not using a reclosable style bag, you will need anti-static tape to ensure complete protection. These bags deteriorate and, if creased, torn, or punctured, may not perform as expected; therefore, these bags should be inspected before use.


Anti-static bags prevent the build-up of static electricity as they do not hold a static charge like a standard bag would but will not protect the product inside from electrostatic discharge.

Static shielding bags protect components from a build-up of static electricity and electrostatic discharge, protecting your products from static charges inside and outside the bag. 

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