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June 6, 2023

Strapping equipment is a part of everyday life in many factories and yards, but the important thing is to get the correct tool or machine for the job.

Friction Weld Strapping Tools

Friction weld strapping tools are used instead of the conventional Tensioner and Sealer tool where the volume is high and the seal is difficult. It eliminates the need for seals, as the strap is welded together with friction. The friction weld tool will do the same job in less time, without having to use two tools which can be awkward in difficult areas. It also saves you from purchasing seals. The cost of friction weld tools is higher than other strapping tools, but if you take time into account, the payback could be very quick. This may depend on the volume of straps per day you are doing, but you also get a perfect seal every time.

Strapping With Friction Weld Strap

Friction weld strapping tools can be used with Polypropylene strap as well as the PET Polyester strap. The tools will need to be adjusted because of the difference in break strain. This is a very simple adjustment, but it is important because these tools are powerful and will quickly break the strap if not adjusted correctly. The width of the strap can vary too, so it is important to get the correct tool for the correct width. The most common size used with these strapping tools would be the 5/8” strap which is readily available from most distributors.


Friction Weld Tools Battery Care

As the friction weld strapping tools are battery operated, it is important to have a spare battery to eliminate down time while waiting for a re-charge. There are high-speed chargers available for some models and this may mean a mere 15-minute break, but the recommendation is to always have another battery charged to avoid any unnecessary and unwanted breaks. If you buy your spare battery when you first purchase the tool there are often deals available to minimize the cost.


Friction Weld Tools Maintenance

Although these strapping tools come with a good warranty, you will also want to take preventative measures so it maximizes its performance. Many people keep their tool with the strapping cart when it is not in use to protect it from being dropped, run over by a forklift, or mistakenly sent to the customer on the pallet just strapped up! It is recommended to protect them from the weather if they are being used outside to prolong life of the tool itself and the batteries.

Friction Weld Tools’ Convenience

These strapping tools can be used inside and outside with a wide variety of product, so you likely will not require secondary tools for various objects — one tool will do it all. You may also find that you are strapping far more products than you did before, simply because it is so easy and convenient to use.

Many companies have found the benefit of these strapping tools and some have even changed from the popular steel strap to a PET strap that can secure a similar load cheaper and quicker, as well as being safer to use — not only for you, but for your customer who is receiving the shipment.

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Friction-weld tools

Article written by SmartShield