Packaging Equipment: Impulse Heat Sealers

June 6, 2023

The packaging equipment you have can significantly improve your efficiency. Heat Sealers are a great investment for anyone closing Poly Bags by hand. Bubble bags, foam bags and other material will also work with these sealers.

Your product is more secure in a bag that has been heat sealed. Tampered bags are easily spotted as the damage is obvious if torn open. A bag that has been stapled or tied can easily be opened and reclosed without anyone detecting that this has happened.

Heat sealers allow you to make your own bags from tubing, saving you on wastage and oversized bags for your product  especially if you are sending out many different sizes or putting kits together that differ each time.

Using An Impulse Heat Sealer

Heat sealers are quick to set up. They simply plug into any 110v outlet, and are instantly ready for use. There is no warmup time required.

Choosing Your Impulse Heat Sealer

There are different types of impulse heat sealers. Hand operated sealers sit on a desk, and foot operated sealers stand on the floor. There are also different elements depending on the type of film your you are using to seal your bag, and various widths depending on the width of the bag you intend to seal. Narrow bags are best used with a narrow sealer as they are much easier to operate. Mostly, they start at around 8” wide and go up to 40” wide for off-the-shelf models.

If you are sealing a heavy-duty bag, always check the capacity of the sealer. A powerful one may be required for very heavy-duty bags to get a good seal. If you are sealing a foam bag or a bubble bag, you may find that a wider seal is better. This means you should look for a unit with a 5mm or even 10mm seal so that your products are secure.

If you have a production line and need a fast seal, there are many automatic sealers available that can be set to produce a certain amount of bags per minute to meet your requirements. These units are a worthy investment, saving your team time and effort because of their efficiencies.


Purchasing & Maintaining Your Heat Sealer

When it comes to packaging equipment, it is often best to trial a unit before making your final decision, as it is important to get the tool that will be the most beneficial to the type of packing that your team is doing.

Although spares are kept by distributors for these tools, the main things that will need replacing are elements and the Teflon fabric that protects your film from direct contact with the heated element. Elements will last longer if you take care to set the temperature just right so it is neither too hot nor too cool.

SmartShield Packaging is happy to provide you with top-rated packaging equipment that will improve your efficiency and prevent tampering of your products. Browse our Heat Sealers today and discover the benefits that these tools will bring to your team!

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Article written by SmartShield