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Machine grade packing tape, also commonly known as carton sealing tape is available in durable acrylic and hot melt materials, in a variety of brands, roll lengths, and thicknesses to suit all applications. 

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Carton sealing tapes, or packing tapes are available in a variety of thicknesses, acrylic tapes from 1.6 to 2.6 mil, and hot melt tapes from 25 to 40 micron.

For details and availability on alternative packing tapes please contact our sales team.  

Is Hot Melt or Acrylic Tape Best For Your Application?

Both hot melt and acrylic tapes perform well for carton sealing applications in room temperature environments. Both offer premium and economy grades and can be used for hand or machine application. Acrylic tape tends to be louder coming off the roll but is the most commonly used tape, it is inexpensive and ideal for a wide range of temperature settings including refrigeration. However hot melt tape offers a stronger adhesion and works well on corrugated with high levels of recycled material, or sealing packages where the content is heavy. 

For more details on the differences between acrylic and hot melt tapes visit our Knowledge Centre: Hot Melt V Acrylic Tape

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