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Cable Ties are a self-locking, rigid, tamperproof option for permanently and securely tying items. Commonly used for electrical cords, cables and pipe management preventing damage and keeping them organized, but also used in aerospace, construction and manufacturing applications.

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  • Cable Ties are available natural, black or coloured. Heavy duty black cable ties are UV resistant.
  • Cable Ties are available in different widths between 4" - 60" offering tensile breaking strengths between 18lbs to 250lbs.
  • Cable Ties are best used with a cable tie gun to ensure maximum tension and easy cutting.


Looking For Polypropylene Twine?

Looking for Polypropylene Twine?:
Polypropylene Twine is an affordable, light weight, general purpose, soft, tying and bundling twine that knots easily, with resistance to rot, moisture and some acids.
Polypropylene twine is available in a variety of different strengths.
Used for industrial packaging, building and lumber yards, agricultural and farming trades.
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