5 Disastrous Outcomes of Bad Packaging

February 28, 2024

Precision packaging is everything. We have clients in some high-stakes sectors, including aerospace, defense, technology and robotics, and manufacturing. And we need to get the job done right every time.

Whether transporting delicate digital components or large-scale defense equipment, ensuring products reach their destination unscathed is our goal. We don’t do damaged.

But that’s the SmartShield promise: Packing Done Right. Unfortunately, and all too often, companies and individuals are still falling victim to the nightmare consequences of ill-fitting and generic packaging solutions. 

5 Of The Worst Outcomes Of Bad Packaging:

1. Damage and Financial Loss

Imagine investing significant resources into the development of aircraft landing equipment, or a state-of-the-art robotic arm for manufacturing, only for it to be damaged or lost during transit due to generic or inadequate packaging.

No, you don’t want to. We understand. The consequences of damaged goods can be catastrophic, resulting in costly repairs, returns, delays, and compromised performance.

2. Compromised Security

In industries where confidentiality and security are paramount, compromised packaging can lead to breaches in sensitive information or unauthorized access to critical components.

A one-size-fits-all approach simply won't cut it when it comes to safeguarding proprietary technology or classified materials.

3. Operational Delays

Time is always of the essence for our clients, whatever sector they’re in. And delays caused by damaged or delayed shipments can cause a ripple effect throughout the whole supply chain. Impacting negatively on production schedules, project timelines, and ultimately, the bottom line.

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4. Reputational Damage

Take the example of high-tech electronics. From circuit boards to semiconductor chips, these valuable components are the lifeblood of the tech industry.

However, if they’re shipped in one-size-fits-all packaging that fails to provide the right cushioning or ESD protection, they risk being rendered inoperable by static discharge or physical shock.

Add to this the damage to a company’s reputation. In today's social media-savvy world, news of product failures or shipping mishaps can spread rapidly, tarnishing the reputation of companies and eroding customer trust.

A single incident of damaged goods can have far-reaching consequences, leading to lost contracts, decreased market share, and long-term reputational damage. Ouch.

5. Cost Overruns

Using off-the-shelf or incorrectly sized packaging solutions may seem like a cost-effective option initially, but the hidden costs of damaged goods, rework, and missed deadlines can quickly add up.

Custom packaging tailored to the precise dimensions and specifications of each item can ultimately save time and money by reducing the risk of damage and ensuring efficient transport.

We’ve given you the bad news. Now for the good… 

How we turn these 5 worst-case packaging scenarios on their head.

1. We’re passionate about design innovation and precision custom packaging engineering and we strive for excellence every time.

2. Our reverse engineering process results in packaging that conforms to the contours of each item, eliminating wasted space and minimizing the risk of movement during transit.

3. We’re all over the onward journey. We design with the mode of transport your item will take, the terrain it will cover, and the temperature fluctuations it will encounter, uppermost in our minds.

4. We prioritize 1:1 relationships between client and designer, resulting in great communication and bang-on briefs.

5. We’re also passionate about creating the best custom packaging for you with your budget in mind.

To sum up…

There’s no need to let the idea of inadequate packaging give you nightmares – not with us around! Give us a call today and we’ll show you how we’ll make sure your goods arrive in perfect condition every time.

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Article written by SmartShield