Impact of Custom Packaging on Customers

August 25, 2023

Professionally packaged products automatically generate respect, receiving a well packaged item has a positive impact on both the product and the brand. You know this supplier cares. They care about the product, they care about their brand, and they care about you as a customer receiving the product intact every time.

Presentation is important and customer satisfaction is paramount, SmartShield’s passion is providing clients with exceptional custom design packaging, that will compliment your item and undoubtedly impress your recipient. This is accomplished with a team offering skill, creativity and years of experience.


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If the packaging is not adequate, the losses incurred from shipping damage may be traumatic. Experience has taught SmartShield how valuable a perfect packaging solution is.

From simple custom-sized bags or cartons increasing packing efficiency, to custom plastic cases or wooden crates with complex designs and requirements, careful precision and design of custom packaging is a common occurrence at SmartShield.

Sometimes the packaged products are worth millions of dollars or weigh thousands of pounds.

Benefits of Custom Packaging 

  • NO MORE DAMAGED SHIPMENT RETURNS: With custom-designed packaging, the product is adequately protected, eliminating, or at least drastically reducing the number of returns due to damage during transit.
  • MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Custom design your package using more eco-friendly materials.
  • KEEP SHIPPING COSTS TO A MINIMUM: With perfectly sized packaging, no money is wasted paying extra shipping charges.
  • REDUCE LABOUR COSTS: Many clients are amazed by how much faster the packaging process is when the product actually fits snuggly in its package, no more time is wasted cutting down larger boxes or searching for more void-fill to fill the empty space. 
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Using the ideal packaging materials ensures the packaging process is efficient, with faster packing employees can package more products in less time.
  • STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD: Both packing and unpacking are accomplished with ease and efficiency, having professional and ergonomic packaging ensures the ultimate unpacking experience for your client. Custom packaging is often also custom printed, offering marketing opportunities.
  • INCREASED REFERRALS: Everyone wants a 5-star rating! Ensure your product arrives at your customer in perfect condition.

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SmartShield’s dedicated team are always willing to share their knowledge, skill, design creativity and expertise to assist you in designing an impeccable custom package, with custom fitments if required. With a variety of materials to choose from, you can be assured that optimum protection to support your products during transit will be created.

It is a known fact that in most cases, the product is ready to ship before the packaging has even been considered! If you are in the process of designing a new product, now is the time to contact a SmartShield Sales Representative to assist you with designing a high-quality, budget-friendly and sustainable packaging solution.

What items are available in custom sizes?

  • Cartons
  • Corrugated trays, sleeves and sheets
  • Cardboard edge protectors
  • Mailing tubes
  • Flat or gusseted poly bags 
  • Courier (mailing) bags
  • Pallet Covers – sheets / bags
  • VCI, static shielding & anti-static bags
  • Woven sacks (Sand bags)
  • Shrink film
  • Labels
  • Corrugated, recycled kraft, virgin kraft, VCI kraft and newsprint papers
  • Bubble and foam rolls, sheets and bags
  • Wooden Crates

Nanuk Case - SSP kit (1)


Custom printing is an investment worth considering! Distinguishing your company, product or brand and increasing package security.

With custom printing, your package becomes a marketing opportunity, reinforcing your brand image from the moment it leaves your warehouse until it is opened by the recipient.

Printing is an integral part of designing the perfect package for your product.

Click HERE for more details on custom printing.

Custom Packaging Design

Article written by SmartShield