ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

November 8, 2023

SmartShield Packaging Inc is proud to share that it has been certified to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard since August 22 2017, helping maintain the safe, consistent approach to reliable, high-quality packaging solutions that we always promise to our clients.

This certification requires conforming to strong quality management standards, ensuring all processes and procedures that affect the quality of the products and services offered to our clients, are provided at a consistent and ever-improving high level of satisfaction.

See a copy of our certificate for your records.

SmartShield Packaging also proudly holds Controlled Goods Program Certification, ensuring all information regarding components that have military or national security significance and the details of the packaging of these items are held in strict confidence.

SmartShield: Packaging Done Right

At SmartShield we take pride in making our customers smile with packaging done right, therefore, it is our priority to provide our customers with premium quality packaging, for safe storage and transportation of their product.

Whether it is using commodity packaging materials, or constructing complex custom packages, our dedicated team are always willing to share their knowledge, skill, design creativity and expertise to assist clients in ensuring ultimate product protection.

Careful precision and design of custom packaging is a common occurrence at SmartShield, and, with custom packaging comes the opportunity for custom printing, packages become a marketing opportunity, reinforcing and distinguishing product, brand image, or company, while also increasing package security.

Contact our sales team for assistance selecting the most cost effective, environmentally friendly and protective method for packaging your product.

Article written by SmartShield