E-Tape Unwrapped: 5 Reasons it’s on a Roll

April 15, 2024

5 Reasons to Switch to E-Tape 

Welcome to our latest blog. Today, we're delving into the world of e-tape, a practical and efficient packaging solution that's on a roll in the industry. 

If you're curious about how e-tape can help you save space, reduce costs, and simplify your packaging process, you're in the right place. Let’s get stuck in…

2 rolls of e-tape for packaging

What is e-tape exactly?

To be clear, the ‘E’ in e-tape doesn’t stand for electronic - although it *is* a well-deserved nod to innovation, efficiency and speed.

In fact, the ‘E’ in e-tape could stand for ‘efficiency’ because it’s designed to streamline the packaging process, and save you time, space, and waste. Similarly, it could stand for ‘eco-friendly’. Because while it reduces waste, it also minimizes environmental impact.

Let’s look at these e-tape benefits in more detail…

The 5 main benefits of e-tape

  1. E-tape delivers security and peace of mind: with its pressure-sensitive adhesive and secure seal, e-tape ensures your cartons stay tightly sealed throughout their journey, protecting your valuable shipments - and giving you peace of mind.
  2. E-tape’s inbuilt efficiency improves packing productivity: with its generous 150m roll length, e-tape minimizes the need for frequent roll changes and allows your team to work more efficiently and effectively. Less time wrestling with tape rolls; more time focusing on essential tasks. You’re welcome!
  3. It saves space: thanks to its innovative design, e-tape requires fewer cartons to acquire the same amount of tape, which will free up valuable storage space in your facility. Meaning one less cluttered set of shelves and a more organized workspace.
  4. It’s kinder to the planet than regular tapes. Here’s how:

    📦 Increased tape length: e-tape provides 50% more tape on a roll than standard packing tapes. This means users can seal more cartons with fewer roll changes. By requiring fewer rolls to achieve the same total length of tape, e-tape minimizes the volume of tape cores. Which leads us onto...

    📦 Efficient core:  e-tape features a 1.5” inner core, which is smaller than the standard core size found in many packing tapes. This clever design feature maximizes the amount of usable tape on each roll while minimizing the amount of empty space within the core. As a result, less material is wasted during production and packaging.

    📦 Minimal packaging: with fewer roll changes required due to its longer tape length and efficient core design, users need to purchase fewer rolls of e-tape to meet their packaging needs.
  5. It’s simple and convenient to use: you can pair e-tape with our high-quality e-tape dispensers. 
    These have a retractable blade to eliminate cuts and grazes, and a silencer to reduce dispensing noise. With an ergonomic design that's easy to use, our dispensers are ideal for any environment, including quiet offices.

E-tape and taping tool

Are you having trouble keeping your cartons sealed?

Here are some simple tips that may help:

  • Packing tape is pressure sensitive and needs to be applied with pressure to adhere properly. Press down hard!
  • Ensure the tape is applied with at least 2 to 3 inches down each side of the box.
  • Putting a second layer of tape right on top of another for additional strength or security is not effective. Instead, add your second layer in two strips, covering only approximately 50% of the first layer each pass.
  • In some applications it might be best to do the ‘H’ taping method: a strip down the center to hold the flaps closed, then a strip along each of the two ends of the flaps.

cardboard box graphic sealed with e-tape - 5 reasons to use e-tape

Ready to give e-tape a go? 

We’ve got you covered. Our e-tape is made from acrylic, and is available in 2” and 3” widths, in clear or tan.

Visit our e-tape product page to get your hands on this carton-sealing superhero.

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