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SmartShield offers a range of adhesives including glue sticks and guns, spray adhesives, glue dots and applicators, and adhesive transfer tapes.

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Glue Guns and Sticks
Glue sticks are cylinder shaped and designed for use with hot melt glue guns. They are available in a variety of diameters and glue strengths, in both clear and amber colour, with rapid drying rates and immediate tamper-resistant seals created. Hot melt glues are generally stronger than water-based adhesives and, therefore used in many industries and manufacturing processes, as they adhere to a wide variety of materials including:
Paper – Fabric – Plastics – Wood – Ceramic – Foam 
Glue guns are required for the application of hot melt glue, available in many options, light duty to industrial heavy duty, electric or battery operated, motorized glue guns are available for high volume packaging applications.
*Contact a SmartShield Sales Representative for more details on Glue Sticks and Glue Guns.

Spray Adhesives
3M Spray adhesive is available in pressurized (aerosol) cans, it is applied as a sprayed mist, and can be used for a temporary or permanent bond. For a temporary bond use a lighter strength adhesive and apply the mist to one surface, immediately bonding to the other surface. For a permanent bond apply a higher strength adhesive, coating both surfaces with the mist, and allow it to begin to dry before bonding the two surfaces together.(Length of time depends on glue strength see individual can for instruction). It is available in a variety of strengths, and can be used in many lightweight or heavy-duty applications, bonding papers, foils, plastics or fabrics to themselves or to foam, cardboard, metal, wood or fiberglass surfaces. 
Contact a SmartShield Sales Representative for more details on Spray Adhesives.

Glue Dots
Glue dots are double sided adhesive pieces, they can be used as an alternative to hot melt glue or adhesive tapes. Faster and safer than hot melt glue, with no cure time and no risks of burns. Glue dots are a popular replacement where comparable results are achievable. They come in a variety of options including a dispenser box, on a roll with a dispenser, or in strips on a sheet. Glue dots are available 1/4inch or 1/2inch diameter, in varying strengths, and designed to adhere to any surface. Low to medium strengths are removeable, while high and super high strengths are a permanent bond. 
Contact a SmartShield Sales Representative for more details on Glue Dots and applicators.

Looking for Adhesive Transfer Tape?

Adhesive transfer tape is not a double-sided tape however, when applied correctly it performs very similarly to double sided tapes. It can be used in areas exposed to sunlight and high humidity environments. There are many types of adhesive transfer tapes, all with slightly different properties that offer a quick and strong adhesion that creates a permanent bond with many types of materials including smooth and textured surfaces such as wood, metals, plastics, papers, laminates, foil and glass. Adhesive transfer tape is often used as an alternative to glues and adhesives. Contact our sales team for more details on the adhesive transfer tape that best suits your application.

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