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Brooms are one of the most basic but important tools, with a variety to choose from, you’ll find the one that can perform that vital task to perfection.

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Bristle Options:

  • Corn brooms are strictly for dry sweeping.
  • Nylon or polypropylene bristles are the most commonly used. They offer high performance for wet or dry applications, resistance to water, most chemicals and acids.
  • Angled bristles help reach debris in corners.
  • Push brooms are great for dust and heavy debris, available in 3 levels:
    • Fine - fine bristles, for finished floors.
    • Medium - fine bristles outside, stiff bristles inside, ideal for warehouses.
    • Heavy - stiff bristles, for unfinished, rough surfaces.

Handle & Block Options:

  • Choose from a variety of handle lengths and block widths.
  • Available with wooden or metal handles and blocks, use metal to avoid cracking and warping. 
  • Angle adjustable handles assist in cleaning under racks, tables or packing benches.

Reduce dust clouds with sweeping compound, simply pour on and sweep up, increasing visibility and air quality by keeping dust and debris at bay while sweeping.

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