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Cardboard edge protectors are designed to avoid costly damage to corners and edges of products during shipment and storage. They also stabilize the load, preventing it from shifting on the pallet and, provide extra strength and support when multi stacking pallets. 

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Cardboard Edge Protectors are available in light duty (0.120”), medium duty (0.160”) and heavy duty (0.225”) thicknesses. For more details, or assistance selecting the edge protector best suited to your application please contact a sales representative.

Edge Protector Benefits:

  • Square edges and corners are particularly vulnerable to damage, cardboard edge protectors are designed to reduce the risks of damage by protecting the edges of stacked or palletized product.
  • Protect your sharp-cornered packages and furniture from scratches and dents or even crushing.
  • Increase stacking strength and stabilize the pallet load.
  • Use cardboard edge protectors when stretch wrapping or strapping a pallet for greater protection and stabilization.
  • Can be used to build a cage around products on a pallet. 

More Edge Protection Options:

Looking for Strapping Guards or Strapping Protectors?
Plastic and Cardboard corner edge protectors are best known as strapping guards or strapping protectors, made from robust plastic with ribbed channels that prevent the strap from sliding, or smooth fiberboard, a more economic choice.
Plastic and cardboard corner edge piece protectors are used to allow maximum strapping tension without damaging the product, carton or pallet edges. They spread the strapping tension across a wider area for greater package security.

Foam edge protectors are available in β€˜U’, β€˜L’ and β€˜O’ profiles.
Get maximum protection with light weight and non-abrasive foam profiles offering scratch and dent prevention. With high compression strength this resilient foam offers crushproof shock absorbency, and surface protection.
Self-gripping U and L profile foam corner pieces and edge protectors cushion the edges of delicate furniture, equipment and dΓ©cor. While O profile is a tubing design and not only cushions and protects but is an excellent insulator.

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