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Selecting the tensioner that best suits the width and thickness of your cord strapping optimizes the efficiency of your packaging process.

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Use windlass cord strapping tensioners to bring cord strap to desired tension before securing flat or irregular shaped product or packages with a wire buckle.


Why choose Cord Strapping?
Cord strapping is available in a variety of widths and strengths, it may be hand tied for light applications or used with buckles for heavy duty applications. Cord Strap is manufactured from polyester fibers, offering higher strength and greater tear and shock resistance than standard polyester strapping. Cord strap is as strong as steel strapping but being a softer material, it is very user friendly and is less likely to damage product during transit. It can also be re-tensioned if required. Cord Strap is commonly used to secure heavy loads including bricks or stone, metal and lumber, and also used in agricultural and marine industries.

Remember: Strapping is applied using tension, therefore when removing strapping materials use caution, eye protection is recommended.

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