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Cardboard dividers, also known as partitions or separators, are used for packaging multiple products in a single crate, carton or tray. They offer durability and stability and provide cushioning for safe shipping and handling of delicate items. 

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Corrugated Cardboard Partitions

  • Box dividers allow protective shipment of multiple fragile items in the same carton, tray or crate. Using partitions instead of void fill, maximizes space, allowing for use of a smaller outer pack. It creates an organised package appearance, as well as increases productivity with faster product packaging. 
  • Custom packaging enhances the packaging process and package presentation. Corrugated cardboard partitions are designed to customer specifications, to cushion & protect fragile items including glassware and pharmaceuticals, or simply to separate product.
  • Dividers do not have to be symmetrical, custom designs efficiently divide spaces in any size outer pack.
  • Cardboard partitions are available in custom sizes and a variety of board grades to separate and protect products.
  • Cardboard may also be coated for packing painted parts or products that are ESD sensitive.

Contact a sales representative to create an ideal custom designed tray, carton or crate with custom dividers to suit your application.

Looking for Chipboard or Corrugated Plastic Partitions?
Chipboard, is available in varying calibers (thicknesses), more rigid grades are used for partititions in heavy duty cartons.
Corrugated plastic,
 also known as Coroplast is available in a variety of thicknesses and colours. Coroplast partitions are also used to separate and protect items but offer higher strength than cardboard partitions, they are more rigid and durable while still being lightweight. Coroplast is a reusable, waterproof and stain resistant material, ideal for moist environments, or where partitions need to be reused or cleaned with water. Plastic partitions are also available fabric lined, to ensure painted components can be packaged without surface damage.
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