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Corrugated cardboard sleeves are excellent for added protection for those extremely fragile items. Corrugated sleeves can be used inside a box, or used with cardboard trays when packaging heavy or bulky items that are difficult to place in a box or container for shipping or storage. 

Corrugated cardboard sleeves are often paired with corrugated cardboard trays. Trays are easy to assemble and the combination provides a perfect packaging solution. Simply load your item onto the tray, slide the sleeve over the product and place the cap (tray) on top. 

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What are the benefits of corrugated cardboard sleeves?
  • Put a sleeve on your product before putting it into a box for added protection for those fragile or delicate items.
  • Use with tray and cap (lid) to make a box for the bulky or heavy items - Excellent option for items including generators, motors, household appliances and AC units. 
  • The combination of heavy-duty tray, sleeve and cap with a pallet forms the most popular option for transporting heavy goods by road, rail or sea. 
  • Available in kraft or oyster (white), in a variety of single wall, double wall and triple wall board grades. Visit our Knowledge Centre; How to select the ideal board grade.
  • Custom printing available - promote your company name, logo, brand or product. 
  • Contact our sales team for more information and availability on corrugated sleeves.

Looking for corrugated cardboard trays?

Corrugated cardboard is the packaging material choice for many industries. It is cost effective and available in custom sizes and a variety of thicknesses. It has the ability to support a wide range of weights and protects items from moisture and temperature change. 

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