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From preventing damage to preventing theft, or simply for recipient or courier instruction, shipping and handling labels will add a professional appearance and ensure your package makes it safely and securely to its destination.

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Eliminate time consuming handwritten instructions with printed labels:

  • Bilingual Labels: English/French or English/Spanish instruction.
  • Universal Labels: Pictorial instruction labels recognized internationally.
  • Fluorescent Labels: To ensure that important handling instruction stands out.
  • Enclosed Labels: Labeling correctly ensures nothing is missed.
  • Shipping & Receiving Labels: Ensure proper handling during shipping and upon receipt.
  • Prevent Damage Labels: For fragile shipments, use labels with bold print and bright graphics.
  • Security Labels: Tamper resistant labels for safe shipment of important documents or valuable product.


Available in a variety of sizes:
  • Small for smaller packages including mailer cartons, courier bags and envelopes.
  • Medium for large packages or boxes.
  • Large for labeling pallets, crates and containers.

Label dispensers available, contact our sales team for more details.

Contact our sales team for custom printed label requirements.

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