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Packing tables or stations are designed to increase packing speeds and reduce product breakages, they offer a compact area for workers to package product as well as store tools and materials. Work benches are available in wall mount or adjustable height table styles.

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  • Packing stations increase productivity and optimize worker comfort, having a designated space to package product allows for streamline packaging and maximum efficiency. 
  • Packing stations help workers remain organized with convenient storage areas for material and equipment. They generally offer shelves and dividers, to create several areas for storing tools and materials. Ensuring workers are reaching both left and right, near and far, up and down is important, avoiding repetitive straining that could in time cause injury.
  • Packing stations help utilize space as more vertical space can be used for storage, they also prevent tools and equipment from being lost or broken as they can be stored safely while not in use. Some packing stations offer options for tape dispenser holders, roll dispensers (reel) holders, storage bins and bin rails.
  • Packing stations may also be fitted with lights creating a brighter workspace and, electrical power outlets for convenience, keyboard trays and monitor arms also available on some packing stations.
  • Both packing stations and work benches are available with:
    * L-Shape design, for applications where extra work surface is required.
    * Drawers or cabinets, that can be fitted with locks to ensure valuables are kept secure.
    * Adjustable height table and, mobile with locking casters.

There are many options of packing stations and work benches, for more details please contact a SmartShield sales representative to assist you in finding the bench best suited to your application.

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