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Offering an efficient sealing capacity of up to 40 cases per minute, carton sealing machines are designed to provide manufacturers and distributors packaging flexibility and speed, with less tape wastage and a faster, more consistent tape application. 

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3M-Matic Side Belt Adjustable Case Sealer 8000a 
Standard features include:

  • Long lasting durable steel frame with powder coat paint finish. 
  • Adjustable settings to ensure consistent application without damage to carton. 
  • Efficient productivity with sealing capacity of up to 40 same-sized cases per minute. 
  • Interchangeable 2 inch and 3 inch taping heads. 
  • Side mounted height adjustment handle and reference ruler for smooth incremental adjustments. 
  • Maximum capacity box sizes:  
    Length; 6” – unlimited 
    Width; 4.5” – 21.5” 
    Height;  3.75” to 27.25” (Low column and upper assembly position) 
                   4.25” to 28.25” (Standard column and upper assembly position) 
                   13.375” to 36.75” (High column and upper assembly position) 
  • Spring loaded side belt drive and upper drive assembly. 
  • Top flap compression rollers.
  • Centrally located rollers 

Optional extra features include:

  • Infeed and exit conveyors
  • Box hold down attachment
  • 3-flap folder
  • Low tape indicator

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