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Paper void fill is a cost effective and environmentally friendly recycled paper packaging option, offering void fill, and blocking and bracing protection. Machines are reliable and, simple and safe to use.   

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What are paper packaging void fill systems used for?

  • Paper packaging is used as void fill, void fill as its name implies is used to fill the void in cartons, filling the space prevents the product in the box from moving, and therefore decreases product damage.
  • When shipping multiple items in a single box these materials can be used to prevent the parts from damaging each other, by keeping them separate. 
  • Paper void fill is ideal for irregular shaped or sharp-edged products, as it can be ripped or torn without losing its cushioning and protection as inflatable void fill would.
  • Paper void fill is an environmentally friendly replacement for materials such as bubble wrap. 

What paper packaging void fill system best suits your requirements?
Options Include:

  • Floor and table top design machines available
  • Standard and high speed machines available
  • Variety of machines to choose from, to suit various basis weight papers as well as one or two-ply options
  • For high volume users contact our sales team to see if you meet the volume requirement to get machines in your shipping department for free!

*With many machines and paper weights to choose from please contact our sales team for assistance determining the best option for your application.

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