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Poly tubing is a food grade polyethylene material used to create your own bags. It eliminates the expense of stocking a variety of bag sizes and, customizing the length of the bag allows easy packaging for odd shapes or unusual length items. 

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  • Use with poly tube dispenser/unrolling device
  • Use with heat sealer for a fast and efficient way to cut and seal the bag
  • For smaller users cut with utility knife and seal with a stapler
  • Food grade polyethylene
  • Available in Anti-static, Static Shielding and VCI materials
  • Need assistance calculating the width of poly tubing you require? Contact our sales team.


Which thickness best suits your requirement?

Clear poly tubing is available in 2mil to 6mil thicknesses.

2Mil: The most popular thickness, designed to protect medium sized and weighted items including small parts, food and clothing. 
3Mil: This medium duty poly provides great protection for heavier objects including tools, parts and hardware.
4Mil: Heavier duty poly ideal for items requiring heavy weight protection including industrial tools or oily objects.
6Mil: Heavy duty for extra heavy weight protection against tears and punctures for heavier items including heavy metal parts or sharp objects.

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