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Single wall boxes, sometimes referred to as light duty corrugated cartons, are the most common type of corrugated cardboard box. With 2 outer liners and a fluting layer in the middle these boxes are an economic packaging choice, offering protection and rigidity for lightweight items. 

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Single wall cartons are used widely for shipping in the e-commerce industry.
The perfect size box is just slightly bigger than your item being shipped, just enough to accommodate some protective material around the product, to prevent it from getting damaged during storage or transportation. Keep in mind it is best to use the smallest possible box to ensure your shipping costs are kept to a minimum. 

  • Choose from our stock sizes or create that perfect custom size.
  • Available in Kraft or Oyster (White).
  • Each type of box is available for custom printing.
  • Multi depth cartons available - with creases at intervals, just simply cut the box to your desired height, save on shipping costs and inventory space. 

Don't have the right size box on hand but really need to ship your item immediately? Customize your carton size with a carton reducer tool. 

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What is the Most Common Single Wall Corrugated Carton Material?

The most common single wall material is 32ECT C flute, this board can be used to create many different box styles, generally being used for smaller and lighter parts. However, if the box is going to be exposed to extreme handling conditions heavier board grades are available in single wall materials without having to step up to a double wall box.  

  • Edge crush test describes the weight capacity the corrugated cardboard can safely withstand during stacking and palletization without deforming. Single wall cartons are available in 23ECT, 29ECT, 32ECT, 40ECT and 42ECT.
  • The flute is the layer in between the cardboard liners. There are various sizes of flutes. Larger flute provides more protection as it has the ability to absorb more shock, short flutes have greater crush resistance. A, B, C and E flutes are the most commonly used flutes in single wall cartons.

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How to Select the Ideal Board Grade

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