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Staples are available in a variety of sizes of both sticks and coils (roll feed) to suit all staplers, stapling pliers and hammer tackers.  

M129 - Product - Accordion


Staples are used for a variety of applications including carton closing, upholstery, insulation, roofing tar paper, carpeting, flooring, poly sheeting fastening and more. 

Why are staples better than tape?

1: Staples are more durable. Tape may deteriorate, losing its adhesion properties if the box is subjected to varying environments including, heat, cold or wet. 
2: Staples are more secure. Staples prevent pilferage, tape can easily be peeled back and put back in place without being noticed while staple removal leaves obvious signs of tampering. 
3: Staples are obscure. Using staples ensures your carton is safely sealed without interfering with the package presentation.  

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