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Select the steel strapping cutter best suited to the size and thickness strapping you are using.

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Steel strap cutters are available in regular, heavy duty and extra heavy duty options, to ensure any width and thickness strap can be cut with ease. They are used with tensioners, sealers and seals for manual strapping applications.

Parts and service available:
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How to use strapping tensioners, sealers and cutters for steel strapping;

First: tension your strap:
Place strap around the item or items to be strapped and bring ends together so they over-lap,
open tensioner and slide the overlapped strap in, lift handle back & forth until strap reaches desired tension.
Second: seal your strap:
Place seal in front of tensioner on overlapped, tensioned strapping, open sealer, place on seal,
clamp seal by closing the sealer completely to form a secure seal.
Third: cut the excess strap:
Simply cut off the excess piece of strap with steel strap cutter

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