Make Your Name Stick With Printed Tape

June 6, 2023

Printed packing tape is an investment worth considering! For just pennies extra per carton your package distinguishes your company, product or brand and increases package security.

With custom printed tape, your package becomes a marketing opportunity, reinforcing your brand image from the moment your package leaves your warehouse until it is opened by the recipient. Printed tape is an integral part of designing the perfect package for your product.

Sealing your carton with printed tape makes it easily identifiable amongst others, reducing the chances of couriers making incorrect shipments and, helping trace packages that get lost during transit. Printed tape also sends a clear message about where it’s from and reduces the chance of it getting lost on the dock or in the receiving process.

Professional product packaging automatically generates respect; Custom printed tape may also include special handling messages, giving your package a more professional appearance while also ensuring your product reaches its destination without damage.

Packaging your product professionally also positively impacts the way your staff feel about the brand and, if done right, can enforce your corporate identity. 

Evidence of tampering or opening is instantly recognizable with custom printed tape offering your package greater security.

What Type of Printed Tape Best Suits Your Requirement?

Printed tape comes in a variety of widths and materials to ensure it meets your specific requirements. With a variety of tape and print colour options to make your design entirely unique and suited for your brand image or message. 

White and tan polypropylene, vinyl and paper tapes are all available in Canada, with polypropylene and vinyl tapes also having the option of print on clear.

Printed paper tape is an ideal choice for kraft corrugated boxes, its color blending with the cardboard to increase the visibility of your logo while keeping a clean, inconspicuous seal. Reinforced paper tape has fiberglass strands running through it providing a very strong, secure closure.

White tape is an excellent option for white cartons, blending in with the carton but offering a polished seal with custom print that makes a bold statement.

Whatever types of packages you are sealing, the variety of tape materials will ensure you find the tape that best suits your application. At SmartShield we pride ourselves in making our customers smile with packaging done right, with a team offering expertise in design and product knowledge we’re happy to assist our customers in finding the perfect solution.

Printed Tape Advantages 

Printed tape not only enforces your brand to recipients, but it promotes your brand internally. Your marketing staff will see a huge benefit in sending professionally packaged products and use it to their advantage in their advertising and brand image campaigns.

Those in the warehouse packaging the product will notice the care and precision put into the appearance of the packaging.

Although printed tape is a higher price than the average price for plain tape, it is clear that the extra cost is simply a small investment with a very high return.

Presentation matters and customer satisfaction is paramount, our passion is providing you with an exceptional custom print design that will complement your item or brand, maintain product security and undoubtedly impress your recipient. This is accomplished with a team offering skill, creativity and years of experience.

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Article written by SmartShield